Property & Conveyancing

Real estate agents discussing conveyancing property.

At Coast to Coast Legal, our experienced property and conveyancing lawyers can help you with all aspects of property law. Whether you are buying or selling a property, we can guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done in accordance with the law. We also offer a range of other legal services concerning commercial property, including commercial leasing, property development, and strata law.

We understand that property transactions can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we use the latest technology to streamline the process and make it as efficient as possible. We aim to ensure that your property transaction is completed smoothly and without any hiccups.

Residential Conveyancing

We charge fixed fees for residential conveyancing so you know what costs you’ll be facing from the start. Please contact us for a fixed-fee quote today!

Expected Conveyancing Disbursements

If you’re a seller, disbursements you can expect to have to pay are:

  • agent fees to attend settlement (~$55) or the PEXA settlement transaction fee ($106.26 as at 21 April 2016);
  • one title search on your property to verify you are the owner, if not provided by the agent (~$28);
  • ASIC corporation search if the property is owned by a company (~$20).

If you’re a purchaser, disbursements you can expect to have to pay are:

  • title search at settlement for paper (non-PEXA) settlements;
  • land tax clearance certificate;
  • water meter reading (varies depending on local council);
  • rates search (varies depending on local council);
  • if the property is in a body corporate or scheme, a Body Corporate Information Certificate ;
  • other searches as required (several of which are strongly recommended though not mandatory) depending on the area and nature of the property and your individual requirements.

Real Estate Agents

We often assist real estate agents that provide us regular conveyancing referrals and we ensure that their clients are as well looked after as our own.

We understand that real estate agents want to surpass their client’s expectations through to settlement. That is why we provide direct mobile contact to referred clients to ensure that their needs are met.

This means real estate agents are not left chasing-up solicitors – and is one less thing that agents need to worry about. At Coast to Coast Legal you are in good hands. We know how a good business operates.

If you are an real estate agent on the Gold Coast that wants to provide your clients excellence in service along with a smooth settlement, then pick up the phone and give us a call – you will be glad that you did.

Additionally, we do not charge your client if the property doesn’t settle.

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