Corporate & Commercial


Whether you need assistance starting a new business or require a complex corporate structure with discretionary or unit trusts, the Coast to Coast Legal team can provide you the necessary advice to start up your new endeavour and draft any necessary documentation, tailored by your instructions, to save you headache down the line.

We also provide mortgage and debenture, PPSR and leasing advice services.

In this modern fast-paced commercial world it is reassuring to know you have a team such as Coast to Coast Legal that will have your back.

We understand and have expertise in the commercial world. We therefore understand the commercial value of business transactions, agreements and disputes. We further recognise that time is one of the most important assets in both life and business. Coast to Coast Legal therefore treat matters with the utmost respect and ensure that your matter is handled in a timely fashion.

As in many areas of life, commercial law involves assessing risk. Coast to Coast Legal are emphatic about communicating risk to our valued clientele. It is our position that by understanding the commercial risk, you will be better placed to perform more informed commercial decisions.

Coast to Coast Legal are vigilant are protecting your legal & financial interests whilst providing you a comprehensive understanding of all relevant matters.

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Coast to Coast Legal is ready to assist with your legal matter. Our team has the experience to assist, regardless of size or complexity.